Villa Concha

At the corner of Słowiański place and Wybrzeże Władysława IV street, directly in the centre of Świnoujście, we built an apartment and business house with 6 floors.

The real estate integrates with the prestige character of the town. Here are the offices of banks, a credit brokerage, a notary and real estate dealers.

A part of the apartments commands a view over the pulsating harbour of Świnoujście, where the biggest and most modern ferry terminal is situated. The marina, the ships of the White Fleet and different water birds are a sign of the unique location of the real estate.

In the ground floor of the building are seven business units arranged, with an area between 27 m2 and 180 m2. In line with the investment accrued on the other levels thirty six apartments, with an area between 36 m2 and 235 m2.

The Villa Concha was in 2011 nominated for the "Object of the Year", an award of the mayor of Świnoujście, called "TRYTON".

  • Whole area: 450,65 m2
  • Living space: 1845,43 m2
  • Balcony and terrace space: 250,94 m2


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