swinoujscie 03Świnoujście is one of the most attractive seaside resorts in Poland and is situated in the northwest of the country. It’s the only polish town, which is situated on numerous islands. The town borders are: Szczecin Lagoon, the Baltic Sea and the border to Germany.

In the east, the town expands to Międzyzdroje. After the new administration division, Świnoujście has the status of an urban district and is one of the biggest districts in Western Pomerania. She has an area of 195 km2 and expands every year. As a result of the sedimentation, the coast line adjusted in the last 200 years about 1,5 km in the direction of the sea. The town lies on 44 island, from which only 3 are inhabited: Usedom, Wolin and Karsibór.

On the Usedom island lie the administration, business and recreation centre with touristic objects. Only 40 km2 of the island belongs to the Republic of Poland, the rest, 380 km2 are on the German side. Here live 80% of the inhabitants of Świnoujście.

swinoujscie 01Wolin is the biggest polish island and has an area of 265 km2. The river Dziwną, the marsh of the Cicha and Madejskia backwater, the Kamieński bay and the Wrzosowski lake. The part of Świnoujście, which lies on the Wolin island (quarter Warszów) is an industrial zone. Here are the biggest factories and traffic junctions, the ferry terminal, the bus and railway station. Here ends the European transit roadway E-65.

The third inhabited island is Karsibór – here you can find ideal conditions for agrotourism, for fishing and for doing water sports. In the north of the island, a bird sanctuary was established - Karsiborska Kępa. On the area oft 180 hectare, exists over 140 species of bird, amongst other also very rare.

In view of his position, Świnoujście has especial good conditions for the development of economy and tourism. Here began Poland – so say the inhabitants of the town. The ferry terminal in Świnoujście guarantees a permanent connection to Sweden and Denmark. The ferries transport passengers, cars, trucks and railcars. The terminal is an important connection between central and southern Europe and Scandinavia.

swinoujscie 02In the western part of the town lies the German – polish border with a border crossing for pedestrians, Świnoujście - Alhbeck. On the German side run the roadways number 110 und 111 and the railway on the island Usedom. On German side, the airport Heringsdorf (12 km) is situated.

Berlin and Świnoujście are only 160 km away from each other, to Sweden it is 175 km and to Denmark 150 km.

In the administrative area of Świnoujście are cursing two ferries, which connect the islands of Usedom and Wolin. This is the only connection between the islands, so the inhabitants of Usedom are real islanders.

Source: http://www.swinoujscie.pl

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