Korona Jagiellonów

The residence TRZY KORONY consists of three buildings in the stile of historical architecture of this spa quarter of the town.

The realisation of the second building of the settlement TRZY KORONY began in June 2005– the KORONA JAGIELLONÓW. In July 2006, the object was delivered.

The building has five floors with fifty five exclusive apartments, which have an area between 21 and 150 m2. The extraordinary advantage of this real estate is the flexible connexion and the projection of the apartments. All apartments have cable TV, and internet, telephone and interphone system. In the building, you can find a modern fast lift with glazed front, a laundry for the inhabitants, a central cleaner an a basement garage. The building resides 100m from the sea and the beach and is near the waterfront of Świnoujście. So, you can quickly arrive to the attractions there. Calmness, romantic coffee bars and restaurants, fish restaurants and beaches with amber guarantee a unique atmosphere, comfort, recreation and pleasing memories.

The KORONA JAGIELLONÓW was in 2006 nominated for the "Object of the Year", an award of the mayor of Świnoujście, called "TRYTON".

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